Medical Programme

In 2004, prompted by the need for specialized medical care for children in orphanages, joined by a team of doctors, we organized medical check-ups in the Orphanage in Roman. Success motivated us to develop this activity, starting our Medical Programme in 2007. The focus of the programme is mostly children and youth without parental care. It includes prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and logistical support. Medical care is carried out by specialists in hospitals and clinics in Sofia.

In the period 2007 – 2009, we organized surgeries and other medical treatment for six children from the Orphanage in Roman with orthopedic, eye, skin, endocrinal and ENT problems. For 32 children, we conducted extensive dental treatment. In 2009, two young people with strabismus from the "Knyaz Boris I" school in Sofia were successfully operated.

Encouraged by the successful results, in 2009-2014 we continued with:
- Treatment of 40 children with visual and ENT problems.
- Consultations with urologist, endocrinologist and dermatologist.
- Dental treatment for 28 young people over 18.
- Surgery to correct strabismus.
- 4 eye screening campaigns for underprivileged children and adults in remote regions of Bulgaria.

Mitko in 2014

Mitko before the operation

Mitko is a joyful child who grew up in the Orphanage in Roman. Due to cerebral palsy, he had clubbed foot and in his early childhood had serious difficulties with walking. In 2007-2008, Star of Hope organized two surgeries and postoperative orthopedic treatment. As a result of the operations and rehabilitation, Mitko started to walk and run like the other kids... Today Mitko is 20 years old. He exercises sports and actively develops his abilities. Mitko bravely meets the challenges of life, because he knows that he is not alone and his friends are ready to help and support him.


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On November 20th 2014 we celebrated the 15th anniversary of Star of Hope. The charity concert had classical and folklore music, and the performers were: “Nusha” Vocal Studio, “Tsvetnitsa” Orchestra, Slava and Elena Athanassovi, Nadejda Rahova, Mila Pavlova and Stefan Samardjiev, Martina Dimova, “Silhouettes” Quartette. The beauty of the sound and dance brought delight to all who were present. The proceeds raised were used for our “Future & Hope” Programme.

For Christmas, we visited the underprivileged children and adults, supported by Star of Hope: The Orphanage and The Disabled People’s Home in Dolno Draglishte; The Orphanage in Roman; The Home for Women with Mental Health Problems in Razdol. During the Christmas party for underprivileged children from Strumyani and Sandanski, we had a quiz, games, dances and gifts. The faces of both children and adults were shining with joy and gratitude.