Our Mission

Star of Hope Foundation works towards the effective integration and re-integration into society of vulnerable individuals and groups.

We seek to assist in maximizing the quality of life of those in need through the following:

  • Granting social services in the community to people in risk

  • Individual social work with underprivileged people

  • Training programs aiming at improving the social skills and life skills of children and young people from institutions

  • Programmes on prevention of criminal behaviour

  • Literacy courses and professional training courses for prisoners

  • Improving the living conditions in institutions for children and adults with disabilities and in prisons

  • Humanitarian and moral support for children and adults in institutions and for poor families

  • Building partnerships with state institutions, the private sector and with international organizations



On November 20th 2014 we celebrated the 15th anniversary of Star of Hope. The charity concert had classical and folklore music, and the performers were: “Nusha” Vocal Studio, “Tsvetnitsa” Orchestra, Slava and Elena Athanassovi, Nadejda Rahova, Mila Pavlova and Stefan Samardjiev, Martina Dimova, “Silhouettes” Quartette. The beauty of the sound and dance brought delight to all who were present. The proceeds raised were used for our “Future & Hope” Programme.

For Christmas, we visited the underprivileged children and adults, supported by Star of Hope: The Orphanage and The Disabled People’s Home in Dolno Draglishte; The Orphanage in Roman; The Home for Women with Mental Health Problems in Razdol. During the Christmas party for underprivileged children from Strumyani and Sandanski, we had a quiz, games, dances and gifts. The faces of both children and adults were shining with joy and gratitude.