Summer Camps

Since 2003, Star of Hope has been organizing summer camps. The participants are mainly underprivileged children and young people, living in institutions or in families at risk, which our Foundation supports.

The goal of the camps is to support the integration of children and young people, taking them out of the isolated environment in which they live, and to assist in reducing the risk of antisocial behavior.

Participants in our camps have the opportunity to develop their social and communication skills, to create positive relationships and build self-esteem and confidence in their abilities. They participate in various activities to develop their talents: art & crafts, drama, discussion groups, role play, games and sports, going to a swimming pool, excursions and more. Our camps also have educational character. We discuss topics such as: "Moral Values", "Friendship and Proper Relationships", "Prevention of Addictions and Human Trafficking" and others.

By creating a good environment for children from different social groups, we aim to break prejudices, to promote tolerance and friendship, and mutual respect for the needs of others. Thanks to volunteers from Britain and the United States participating in our camps, the children have the opportunity to learn about the culture and customs of other nations, to broaden their horizons and to feel part of one big family. The end of each camp is particularly exciting. Gift for us are the children’s smiles, hugs, and even their tears. Here is the letter of one of the participants in our camps:

“Star of Hope Foundation does a lot for the people. They are some of the kindest, good and compassionate people. They raise money and every year they conduct a camp for children. The people in this Foundation understand the other people’s problems and always do their best to make a person smile. Most of us have been on their summer camps and know how pleasant and entertaining it is to spend time with them. The Star of Hope’s camps overflow with joy and friendship… I just want to tell our Star of Hope friends that they are wonderful and that I love them.” Maria, 11

In the summer of 2014, we had a camp in the Panichishte mountain resort for underprivileged and at-risk children from the Special Needs School in Dolno Draglishte village, Razlog Municipality, and from Strumyani and Sandanski Municipalities. Besides games, sports and outings, we had a training program. We held two lectures: one was - "Prevention of Aggression in School and Mutual Assistance between Children" with speakers from the Bobov Dol prison. Another talk was entitled "Prevention of Addictions" with a lecturer from the Women's Information Center - Sofia. Through discussions and drama on these topics, the children had the opportunity to consolidate the acquired knowledge. The aim of us all - staff and volunteers - is to build trust and friendship through individual approach and personal contact with the children.


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On November 20th 2014 we celebrated the 15th anniversary of Star of Hope. The charity concert had classical and folklore music, and the performers were: “Nusha” Vocal Studio, “Tsvetnitsa” Orchestra, Slava and Elena Athanassovi, Nadejda Rahova, Mila Pavlova and Stefan Samardjiev, Martina Dimova, “Silhouettes” Quartette. The beauty of the sound and dance brought delight to all who were present. The proceeds raised were used for our “Future & Hope” Programme.

For Christmas, we visited the underprivileged children and adults, supported by Star of Hope: The Orphanage and The Disabled People’s Home in Dolno Draglishte; The Orphanage in Roman; The Home for Women with Mental Health Problems in Razdol. During the Christmas party for underprivileged children from Strumyani and Sandanski, we had a quiz, games, dances and gifts. The faces of both children and adults were shining with joy and gratitude.